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Brandt is a French manufacturer of home equipment. It was founded in 1924 by Edgar Brandt as a part of Hotchkiss-Brandt and merged with Thomson in 1966. The brand was acquired by the Algerian conglomerate Cevital in 2014.

Meaning and history

Brandt Logo history
Brandt is a French trademark belonging to the ElcoBrandt Group. In the beginning, it was not even a company, but just a workshop that specialized in the production of forged metal products. Over the years, production expanded, and a whole metallurgical plant was founded. The French government even entrusted military orders to Brandt. Brandt has made many acquisitions and merges with other companies. The largest one was in 2002. As a result, a group of companies called ElcoBrandt was founded.

???? – 2004

Brandt Logo old
This Brandt logo version consists of a monogram and the full name on the right. The monogram is created by combining a blue “E” and a white “B” right next to it. To ensure that the second letter does not get lost, they have a blue backdrop for it. The full name is printed using the same font, only without making the letters bold. It is a sans-serif font that features diagonally cut ends with a slight curve inside. The blue color of the logo and simple, yet sophisticated typeface gave the logo a very professional appearance. This color also reflected the reliability, stability, and trustworthiness the brand has earned over the many years of its existence.

2004 – now

Brandt Logo
The Brandt logo is simple and elegant. The wordmark italicized bold lettering look perfect in calm red color and is complimented by a black modest tagline “Bien aujourd’hui, bien demain.” (“Good today, good tomorrow” in French).
The red and black colors on a white background is a traditional palette and with the smooth typeface of the wordmark and classic-shaped letters of the tagline it looks sophisticated.
Red color is a symbol of warmth and home comfort, and the Brandt brand does everything for its consumers to bring comfort in their homes.