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San Diego Zoo opened in 1916, is considered to be the first zoo in America, to re-create the animals’ natural habitats and to make a cage-less exhibition. The San Diego Zoo is home to more than 3 5” thousand of animals and is the most visited zoo in the country.

Meaning and history

San Diego Zoo Logo history

The San Diego Zoo was founded in 1916 by Dr. Harry Wagforth. Today it is home to more than 3.7 thousand animals of more than 800 species and subspecies. The zoo’s founding organization, San Diego Zoo Global, is the largest zoological society in the world, with a total of more than half a million members.

The current zoo grew out of a display of exotic animals that had been abandoned after the 1915 exhibition ended. A plot of land was given to the zoo for permanent use in 1921, and a year later the animals moved there. The park’s chief ideologist, Dr. Harry Wedgford, wanted the zoo to be cage-free from the start, and the first section of the zoo, free of fences, opened in 1922.

The San Diego Zoo pioneered a conceptually new organization of open-air, cage-free zoos, where you can admire animals in their natural habitat.It is one of the few zoos in the world where a giant panda lives.

Over the years, the zoo has received many awards, including from the American and International Associations of Zoos and Aquariums.

The zoo’s special attraction is the Skyfare gondola elevator, which allows visitors to view the area from above.

In addition to the huge variety of animals and birds, the zoo has an impressive collection of plants, including rare ones, and an arboretum. For example, the zoo features 40 varieties of bamboo planted for pandas and 18 species of eucalyptus that koalas feed on.

What is Sand Diego Zoo?
San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world, which opened its doors in 1916. The zoo covers an area of 40 hectares in the north of Balboa Park and is now home to almost four thousand animals of more than 800 species. In addition, there are more than 6.5 thousand plant species.

1916 – 2010

Logo San Diego Zoo
The very first logo was created for San Diego Zoo in 1916 and stayed with them for almost a century. It was a simple two-leveled logotype in two colors. With the “San Diego” in the uppercase written in blue sans-serif above enlarged and bold lime-green “Zoo”. It was a bright and simple badge, which looked solid and confident.

2010 – 2021

San Diego Zoo Logo-2010

The San Diego Zoo logo, designed in 2010, is bright and instantly recognizable. The use of colors and modern shapes no of the letters make the zoo’s visual identity remarkable and unique.

Bright green in the main color of the palette, symbolizing nature with its flora and fauna. It is a color of balance, energy, and progress, the three characteristics that suit the San Diego Zoo a lot.

Executed in a hand-drawn decorative sans-serif, the wordmark features “Zoo” as the main element of the logo. The large bold letters are stylized differently depending on the placement, resembling of different animals, but always keeping a bright green color.

The San Diego Zoo logo is playful and contemporary. It evokes a sense of happiness and fun, being welcoming and friendly. A truly outstanding visual identity design.

2021 – Today

San Diego Zoo Logo
The redesign of 2021 kept the grass-green and white color palette of the logo but changed its concept. Now the bold “San Diego Zoo” inscription in a smooth bold title case is set on the right from a circular emblem with the stylized image of the lion’s head turned to the right and having a green silhouette of the rhino in its right part and a bird — in its mane.

Font and Сolor

The bold and fancy title case lettering from the primary badge of the San Diego Zoo is set in a stable sans-serif typeface with traditional shapes of the letters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia are, probably, PF Bague Sans Std Black and Quiet Sans Extra Bold, but with the tail of the “G” modified and pointed.

As for the color palette of the San Diego Zoo’s visual identity, it is based on a pleasant and bright shade of green, which is the main color, standing for nature and wildlife, growth, and development. The logo looks fresh and delightful.

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