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Kennels` Favourite, a Dutch enterprise, specializes in crafting premium pet food. With its roots in the Netherlands, the brand focuses on nutritionally-balanced meals for pets, emphasizing quality. Currently, it has a strong foothold in the European market, although its reach may extend further. The company’s products cater to diverse pet needs based on age, size, and lifestyle.

Meaning and history

The brand takes pride in its simplistic yet meticulously crafted recipes, meticulously considering factors such as a dog’s age, size, and lifestyle to cater to the individual dietary needs of each canine. The brand has thoughtfully segmented its range of food into distinct categories, each clearly labeled to highlight the specific advantages and intended purpose of the diet. This organization ensures pet owners can easily navigate and select the ideal nourishment option that aligns with their dog’s unique requirements, ensuring optimal health and vitality for their four-legged companions. This careful attention to detail and commitment to quality underscore Kennels Favourite’s dedication to delivering exceptional dog food that meets the highest standards.


Kennels Favourite Logo

The image showcases a minimalist yet striking logo with the text “Kennels Favourite” written in bold, black letters. The typography is clean, with a modern flair. The word “Kennels” slightly overlaps with “Favourite”, creating a unified look. The entire design is set against a plain, white background, emphasizing its simplicity and clarity.