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San Diego State University is a higher education organization located in San Diego and founded in 1897. It’s the third-largest member of the educational system of California. They conduct science research activity through their academic programs. They’re lectured and studied by thousands of highly qualified professors and their students in 8 colleges, spread across the state. The university students, alumni and academicians also carry multiple associations and communities, related to athletics, post-graduation help, nature conservation, et cetera.

Meaning and history

San Diego State University Logo history

Founded in the 1897, the university’s first predecessor was San Diego Normal College, supposed to be a school for future teachers. In 1923, the Normal College was transformed into San Diego State Teachers College, a four-year institution held by the state. By the 20s and 30s, the school has maturated into a large facility exploring not only teaching science, but also natural and technical arts. In 1935, it became San Diego State College. Finally, in 1972, the college was officially named California State University, San Diego, and in 1974 – San Diego State University.

What is San Diego State University?
San Diego State University is an academic organization, providing educational services to students from across the United States. Located in California, SDSU is the third-largest university in the state, which is situated in 8 colleges, exploring more than 300 academic programs related to liberal arts, business, engineering, education, etc. The university also carries many athletic teams named ‘San Diego Aztecs’. They’re playing in many nationwide competitions held by NCAA.

1897 – today

San Diego State University Logo 1897-now

The SDSU presidential seal is a circular signature divided into two parts: an outer ring and a central picture. The picture shows us Hepner Hall – the landmark building of the San Diego campus. There are also many lines coming from the Hall in multiple directions. This image is limited to a thin circle. The outer frame depicts the brand name with ‘San Diego State’ caption placed centrally at the top, while ‘university’ word is located at the bottom. The date of the foundation is separated into two parts, placed apart one another to the left and right respectively.

1897 – 2022

San Diego State University Logo 1897

The initial corporate logotype designed for SDSU was a mark composed of the two elements: the upper card, and the university name. The card displayed the Hepner Hall from another perspective than in the seal – we can see its giant gates. The name below was written in a two-line inscription.

2022 – today

San Diego State University Logo

The following logotype has lost the Hepner Hall card. In its place, the brand designers decided to put the large ‘SDSU’ acronym. To the left from it, there is the name, written using the same style as in the previous logo. Both parts of the logo are separated from one another by a thin vertical line.


San Diego State University Symbol

For both the Presidential seal and the 2022 logotype, the SDSU designers have used the same serif typeface with little space between serif letters. The only dissimilarity is that in the logo nameplate, the first letters are capitals, while the following ones are lowercase. The SDSU acronym has a semibold typeface with sharp and small serifs at the end of each character.


San Diego State University Emblem

There are three color palettes for the seal. Depending on the situation, the sigil can change its shades to black, yellow, or red. The lettering in the logotype consists of black for the lower nameplate and red for the upper acronym. The thin line is gray.

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