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Smart TV is the name of the system, which is set in the TV and allows to connect to the Internet and use various online services from one device. Smart TV was launched at the beginning of the 1980s, and the first receivers were tested in Japan. Today almost every TV on the market has an integrated Smart TV function in it.

Meaning and history

Samsung Smart TV Logo history
Samsung Smart TV is the function, which appeared in the Samsung devices in 2011, and this is when the stylish and modern geometric logo was introduced. The insignia has never been changed since then, as it perfectly reflects the diversity and opportunities you can get with the Smart TV.
The Samsung Smart TV logo is composed of a pretty simple sans-serif lettering in black medium-weight lines with straight cuts, and a bright contemporary geometric element, accompanying letter “M”.
The left part of the logo is taken by the custom “Samsung” wordmark in small size letters, and the right one boasts uppercase “Smart TV” inscription in a bolder sans-serif font, with the contours of some letters open.
Behind the bold black “M” there is a colorful hexagon, vertically oriented and composed of numerous triangles in different shades — from yellow and green to powder and fuchsia pink colors.
The straight clean lines and interesting colors of the Samsung Smart TV logo make the whole composition innovative and progressive, and the logo becomes memorable and recognizable.
The great balance between simplicity and freshness is what makes the Samsung Smart TV visual identity unique and differs it from the Smart TV of other brands, making Samsung stand out in the list of its competitors.

2009 – 2011

Samsung Smart TV Logo 2009
The logo used to be quite busy and dark during the 2009 – 2011 period. It was a black rectangle with rounded corners featuring “Internet @ TV” written across using different colors. Behind the “Internet” portion, which was going into the horizon, the logo had blue screens.

2011 – 2016

Samsung Smart TV Logo 2011
An updated version of the logo looked more professional, while the addition of a colorful element gave the logo a breath of life and positivity. The logo now said “Smart TV” in large, sans-serif letters with the “Smart” portion being bold to separate the two words. The “M” fit into a vibrant diamond shape, while above it said “Samsung” in a different, smaller, sans-serif font.

2016 – 2018

Samsung Smart TV Logo 2016
Although the logo was created back in 2016, it looks minimalistic, stylish, and modern. It was just “Smart TV” printed in all uppercase, black letters. The simple, sans-serif typeface, which resembled Rleud SC Medium, gave the logo a confident and timeless appearance.

2018 – Today

Samsung Smart TV logo
A font similar to Gilroy Semi Bold was used to write “Smart TV” with only the first letters capitalized. A second line was added and said “Powered by Tizen”. The last word was printed in larger, bold letters using a different bold, geometric font that featured diagonal corner cuts. The logo had a very similar feel to the previous version and just presented additional information.