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The nickname Samford Bulldogs is used by the 17 varsity teams representing the athletic program of Samford University in Homewood, Alabama. They play at the NCAA Division I level.

Meaning and history

Samford Bulldogs Logo history

Rooted in the historical grounds of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, the Samford Bulldogs were established as the university’s athletic emblem. The inception of this sports entity is intertwined with the university’s own evolution, marking a journey of athletic excellence and community spirit. The Bulldogs have grown from a modest beginning into a symbol of sporting prowess within the collegiate landscape.

The narrative of the Bulldogs is highlighted by their commendable achievements across various sports, particularly in football, basketball, and baseball. Their football program, a cornerstone of their legacy, has witnessed seasons of remarkable victories and player accolades. In the realm of basketball, the Bulldogs have emerged as a competitive force, making significant strides in conference tournaments. Their baseball team further embellishes this legacy, having made impactful appearances in NCAA tournaments. These feats collectively underscore the Bulldogs’ commitment to athletic distinction and competitive spirit.

Today, the Samford Bulldogs stand at a pivotal point, continuing to build on their historic foundations. They are a symbol of perseverance and excellence in collegiate sports, constantly pushing the boundaries of achievement. As they step into each season, the Bulldogs carry with them a legacy of past triumphs and the promise of future successes, maintaining their status as a prominent force in NCAA sports.

What is Samford Bulldogs?
Representing more than just athletic teams, the Samford Bulldogs are a dynamic and integral part of Samford University’s heritage. Excelling in NCAA competitions, they bring to life the spirit of sportsmanship in football, basketball, and baseball. Their role extends beyond mere participation, embodying a legacy of excellence and a drive for continual growth in the collegiate sports arena.

2000 – 2015

Samford Bulldogs Logo-2000The bulldog did not look as noble as on the current coat of arms.

2015 – Today

Samford Bulldogs Logo

The fact that the Samford Bulldogs logo  features a bulldog is hardly a surprise. And yet, the way the creature is depicted makes it look unique.  The dog does not look as a cartoon character.

Samford Bulldogs Colors

HEX COLOR: #002649;
RGB: (0 38 73)
CMYK: (100 86 42 44)

RGB: (196 22 29)
CMYK: (100 100 100 6)

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