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In addition to the primary wordmark logotype, which was last modified in 2106, the Rutgers University also has secondary logos and logo elements.

Meaning and history


The primary logo is just the word “Rutgers” given in a serif uppercase font. The wordmark may also include such secondary elements as the Shield, the Scarlet Knight, the names of the units or the full name of the University.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights is the name of the school’s sportprogram. Its secondary logo features a sideview of a knight’s head. The primary logo is a red uppercase letter “R” with a thin black outline.



The shield RutgersUniversity logo was adopted in 2016, when the school celebrated its 250th anniversary. Unlike the 1966 emblem, upon which the new shield was based, the 2016 version gave designers more flexibility when reproducing the logo in digital context.

The shield consists of three parts that are supposed to represent the three regions of New Jersey and also refer to the school’s mission (teaching, research, and service).

Meaning of the symbols in the Shield


Inside the shield, there are five stylized images, each with a symbolic meaning of its own.

The sunburst conveys the idea of light as a symbol of knowledge. The crown reminds that the school’s original name was Queen’s College. 1766 is the year when the University was founded, while the 3 stars symbolize the State of New Jersey. In addition to this, there is also a book in the Shield, which symbolizes academic knowledge.


Font Rutgers University Logo

The sleek custom typeface suits the image of the University perfectly. The serif all-cap font combines tradition with modern approach.


Color Rutgers University Logo

The key color of the RutgersUniversity logo is scarlet. As a secondary color, white is used. The emblem of the Scarlet Knight also includes black elements.