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Rutgers is one of the oldest universities in America, going as far back as 1766. Most facilities are located in New Jersey, of which state this university is one of chief. The university’s main color is scarlet. Their sports branch is called Scarlet Knights, on account of the institution’s original name.

Meaning and History

Rutgers University Logo history


The university was founded in 1766 as Queen’s College. The name was dropped in favor of Rutgers College in 1825. After that, it was renamed Rutgers University (sometimes just called Rutgers). The part ‘Rutgers’ comes from Henry Rutgers, who was a big supporter of this university in the early years of the nation.

Color Rutgers University Logo1966 – 2016

Rutgers University Logo 1966

Their earlier logo was a crest – a heraldic shield, divided into four fractions. Each section was rich in detail, including some images from Henry Rutgers’ coat of arms, the local crests and so forth. There were many lion images, in particular, while the color scheme was mainly turquoise, red and yellow.

Clockwise, the different sections depicted: a yellow rampant lion with a crown on its head – a crest of House of Orange, the Dutch Royal Family; a collection of all symbols of George III and Queen Charlotte in one place, of which there are a lot; the crest of Henry Rutgers – a black lion with a red ribbon running through it; the three ploughs from the New Jersey seal.

2016 – today

Rutgers University Logo

They adopted a new shield in 2016. It had a similar shape, but was largely scarlet and divided into three sections instead (two on sides, one above). The left side included a British imperial crown with a year 1766, written below it. On the other side, there was an open book with three stars aligned in an arch beneath. Above both of these was a rising sun, although only in a form of several rays. Every of these details, and even the rims, were colored white.

In addition, they often use the university’s wordmark next to this newshield. It’s usually just the word ‘Rutgers’, written in an elegant, sprawling serif font. All letters are uppercase, but the first ‘R’ is a bit bigger than the rest. Usually, the wordmark is painted red, as well. In addition, they use this design independent of the shield emblem and often in conjunction with other text bits, such as ‘the State University of New Jersey’.