University of Castilla–La Mancha (UCLM) is one of the major universities in Central Spain. It largely operates on a decentralized basis throughout the province of Castilla–La Mancha, hence the name. It has faculties throughout the region, although its main campus is located in the city of Cuidad Real.

It’s not a particularly prestigious establishment, although it’s still one of the chief universities in Central Spain. The faculties collectively attract over 30000 students. UCLM teaches a variety of subjects, including humanities, law, medicine, economy, business and much, much more. Because the university is so disperse, there are many specialized faculties located in one city or the other.

Meaning and History

UCLM Logo history

UCLM is a public university created in 1982 in Cuidad Real, Spain. The province has a rich history of higher education, although there aren’t any ancient universities left surviving to this day, like in many other Spain regions. The main faculties are located in Cuidad Real, Cuenca, Toledo and Talavera de la Reina.

What is UCLM?
UCLM stands for University of Castilla–La Mancha. It’s one of the most prominent universities in Central Spain, and the biggest such establishment in the province of Castilla–La Mancha. Its faculties are dispersed among several cities of the region, offering a wide variety of educational subjects.

1989 – today

UCLM Logo 1989

The university uses a heraldic shield on many occasions, which was adopted in 1989. It’s a regular quartered shield with traditional regional symbols.

That includes (clockwise): the golden castle of Castilla–La Mancha on red with a stripe of white on the right; two silver stars in green squares, with white squares nearby and a red stripe crossing the ensemble; a golden wheel on red; a flordelisada cross in white and black with a similar background.

The Spanish crown is depicted at the top of this shield.

2008 – today


The emblem adopted in 2008 is a simpler image used in UCLM branding and generally to distinguish the university. It gradually replaced the earlier symbolic for such purposes, owing to its simplicity and recognizable nature.

The basis of the emblem is a red rhomb. Inside, they’ve placed three layers of white lines. The two wider layers resemble an archway of sorts. The smaller layer is the white outline of a person. The sentiment is that anyone can walk through the doors of ULCM and receive education.


UCLM Symbol

The main colors of the university are white and dark red, as seen in the 2008 logotype. These colors are used for other parts of the branding, as well. They are derived from the flag of the Castilla–La Mancha region, whose background is divided equally into dark red and white.


UCLM Emblem

UCLM doesn’t use any written elements on their logotypes, but they do use the acronym in branding. In such cases, they utilize bold, wide letters of an ordinary sans-serif style.