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North Carolina State University is a commercial organization, providing a number of educational and scientific services to its students. This is one of the largest land grant universities in the Carolinas, which is headquartered in 3 campuses and 11 independent colleges. Every college offers its own directions of study, organized in more than 250 degree-granting programs in total. NCSU is also a researching institution, which collaborates with the government and local universities to conduct scientific activity. The university’s location is Raleigh, United States.

Meaning and history

North Carolina State University Logo history

The university has undergone four major changes during its history. It was started by the North Carolina Legislature in 1887 as a land granting college, specializing in agricultural and mechanical sciences. The name of this institution was ‘North Carolina College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts’. Then, in 1917, the administration put the ‘State’ word in the name. In 1931, North Carolina government combined the college with some other institutions and formed the new University of North Carolina. This organization would develop the new degree programs, unconnected to the agriculture and mechanics. Finally, in 1963, the name was changed to the ‘North Carolina State University’.

What is North Carolina State University?
North Carolina State University is a land granting organization specializing in education and scientific research. The university was founded in 1887 and headquartered in Raleigh, United States. In 11 schools and numerous departments of different directions of study, more than 2300 academicians explore 250+ programs of study related to natural, social, technical and liberal arts. Being a researching organization, NCSU conducts science research activity, often collaborating with the government and other institutions of the region.

1963 – today

North Carolina State University Logo 1963

On the NC State Chancellor’s seal, we can see a picture of the monument dedicated to the university’s students who died soldering during the WWI and WWII. It’s placed among the trees. In the distance, there is the NCSU main campus and the United States Flag. This whole depiction is embedded into a frame, on which they wrote the brand’s name and the inscription ‘Founded March 7, 1887’, placed centrally at the bottom of the ring.

1963 – today

North Carolina State University Logo

The NC State University logo is the name caption, sometimes placed in an inscription-sized rectangle, sometimes not.


North Carolina State University Symbol

For the font scheme of the NCSU brand, the designers chose three scripts: one for the seal, and two for the logotype. The seal nameplate has a capitalized typeface with serif letters and large gaps between them. The bottom ‘Founded March 7, 1887’ is downscaled. The logotype nameplate consists of the two components: the ‘NC State’ wording, which has a very bold script without serifs, and a ‘University’ word in the same font, but lightened.


North Carolina State University Emblem

The brand’s color palette uses different color schemes for the seal and the logo. In the seal, the black is used for some strokes, lines, and contour for the whole sigil; the red stands for the inscriptions; and the white features the ring, strokes in the sky, monument, as well as some trees. The logotype uses red for the name and white if there’s a background. Sometimes, the palette can invert or change to black and white.