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UEM is the acronym utilized by the University of Engineering and Management in Kolkata, India. It’s a private university created as essentially a branch of the Institute of Engineering and Management, which is an older, more influential establishment of college level in the same city.

UEM is one of the biggest universities in West India. Over 5000 students attend it as of 2023. As evident from the name, students typically receive engineering and management education of the highest degree in UEM. Students that graduate from IEM typically continue their studies in UEM, as well.

Meaning and History

The university was founded in 2015 by the IEM trust. The IEM itself is a much older establishment, dating back to 1989. They present one of the most influential educational organizations in the region, and UEM, their creation, has become one of the most popular higher education establishments in Kolkata in just a few years.

What is UEM?
UEM stands for University of Engineering and Management. It’s an Indian higher education establishment based in Kolkata. Created in 2015 by the Institute of Engineering and Management (located in the same city), it’s considered one of the chief universities in Kolkata.

2015 – today

UEM Logo

The original UEM logotype consists of the emblem and the text part nearby, which can be shuffled in any position.

The main emblem is the acronym ‘UEM’ written in regular, bold sans-serif letters. It’s big, and meant to be the main attraction. Beneath it is usually the university’s name written in Bengal, in much smaller characters. The coloring for both elements is usually black or dark blue.

Lastly, two laurel wreaths colored in red are typically situated on either side of this combination, connected in the bottom.

Further beneath is usually the name of the establishment, either written in a single regular line of text or in a curved line following the curvature of the wreaths. Even further below, they usually put the motto ‘Good Education, Good Jobs’ in a font similar to the previous element. The same thing in Bengal is occasionally written below that.


The main color changes typically happen to the written bits. There are two chief variations: black and dark blue. The latter coincides with the university’s general colors, although the blue used by them elsewhere is usually brighter. It’s also not uncommon to have the entire logo colored blue, but it’s comparably rare.


UEM Emblem

The font used in the logo is just regular sans-serif. The thing about this font is that they routinely squeeze the letters so that they appear overly thin and stretched. This happens in particular to the motto section and often to the name bit, although it is of good proportion when it’s curved around the wreaths.

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