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RugsUSA is an American online retailer, specializing in interior and outdoor rugs and furniture. The company was established in 1998 and today serves North American customers, but working on expanding its presence on the international markets.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the famous rug retailer is minimalist and strong. The logotype in deep blue color is a perfect reflection of a reliable and serious company, which values quality and its customers’ comfort above all.

The company’s logo was redesigned only once, but it has always been text-based. The previous version of the visual identity was composed of a nameplate split into two parts — “Rugs” in white placed into a red solid circle and a bold “USA” in red. The current version features the same style of the lettering, but without any additional graphics and in a new color palette.

Blue and white is the color combination that symbolizes professionalism and authority, evoking a sense of trust and reliability. And these are the main characteristics of the reputable American retailer.

RugsUSA Logo

For the web icon, the e-commerce platform uses an image of the red rug, with an oriental pattern. No lettering, pretty laconic solution.


The wordmark in two weights is written in all capitals and uses a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is close to Grota Sans Semi Bold font but with modified “G” which boasts a more square tail and looks masculine and tough.

The letters of the “USA” part of the nameplate are executed in a bolder font and placed closer to each other, creating a sense of a single organism.


The reputable American company distributes rugs and lighting which are manufactured on their own facilities, and it allows the online retailer to guarantee the quality of products and offer the best deals for their customers.

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The e-commerce catalog includes thousands of rugs of all the possible designs, from vintage to modern minimalist ones. Along with accessories, such as poufs and pillows, the website offers a selection of table and floor lamps, which can make any interior brighter and more stylish.

The company did everything for customers to choose the right product fast — there are various catalog categories, through which it’s possible to search for a needed item. You can shop by size, by color or by style, and by the material. So whether you know only dimensions and doubt about the pattern, or you know exactly what color you need, but flexible in material and size — the RugsUSA store can definitely help you in finding your perfect carpet.

The company offers complimentary delivery across the United States on all the orders and has a reliable and service payment system on their website so that every customer feels protected.