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Maxitekno is a Turkish online retailer of mobile phones and small electronic devices. The website offers a wide selection of various items, which are available with a nationwide delivery for all the Turkish customers.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is modern and laconic. The logo of the company is composed of a wordmark with a couple of graphical elements inside.

The nameplate is executed in a black and orange color palette, where “Maxi” is black and “Tekno” is orange. The color combination evokes a sense of progress and energy, representing a strong and confident company, that is professional and reliable.

Each part of the inscription has one interesting detail in it. The dot above the “I” in “Maxi” is replaced by a triangle, pointing right, resembling a play-button and showing the direction, moving and developing.

As for the “Tekno” part, there is a “power” sign instead of the letter “O”, which is executed in the same lines and style as all the other letters.

The logo on the Turkish online retailer is simple yet it fully reflects the company’s profile and essence, showing the technological segment of the platform and its innovative and progressive approach.

Maxitekno Logo


The wordmark is written in all capitals but uses two different styles for two parts. “Maxi” is executed in a strong geometric sans-serif typeface based on one of the traditional fonts, such as Zurich Std, with the letter “M” modified (its middle part shortened).

“Tekno” in orange is written in a clean and smooth rounded sans-serif, which is most likely
Arial Pro Rounded, a traditional and one of the most popular fonts, ever created.

Both typefaces are perfectly complemented by colors and make the logotype balanced and harmonized, evoking a sense of expertise and authority of the company.


The e-commerce platform specializes in selling smartphones and electronic gadgets and has thousands of items in its catalog available with nationwide delivery. The Turkish retailer offers a wide range of cell phones, notebooks, and tablets along with such innovative things as drones and action cameras.

The company also sells sports and outdoor gear along with beauty devices and tools from the world’s most famous manufacturers.

Maxitekno accepts payments by credit cards and offers fast delivery, provided by the most reliable shipping companies. There is also a 24/7 online customer service, where the team of experts will answer any questions and help you with any problem.