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RoyalPay is an Australian company, which specializes in setting payments systems for customers in China and Australia, making the business partnership and e-commerce easier. The company, established in 2015, is considered to be one of the most popular in its region, due to the convenience of its services and a high level of security.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online payment system is simple yet bright and stylish. Its colorful logotype evokes a friendly and welcoming feeling, showing the energy and positive character of the company.

The orange color palette of the service provider’s visual identity is a reflection of its passion, progressive approach, and dynamics. It also shows the customer as the main element of the company’s system of values.

The logo has two versions — simplified, text-based and using only orange color, and the one with the emblem above the lettering, in an orange and gray color palette.

RoyalPay Emblem

Both versions use the same style of the inscription, so the difference is only in the symbol and additional color. The gray in the extended version stands for seriousness, professionalism, and stability of the company, and evokes a sense of protection and reliability.

The RoyalPay emblem is a stylized monogram, executed in sleek bold lines and having a solid circle on the end of the “R” right bar. The letters “P” and “R” are intertwined and create an impression of a single organism, symbolizing unity and support.


The wordmark is executed in a custom modern sans-serif typeface with bold confident lines and solid letterforms. Only “R” and “P” are capitalized, adding symmetry and balance to the inscription.

The sleek and contemporary font has delicate smooth stencils in its letters and creates a powerful and stylish inscription.

RoyalPay Logo


Australian online service RoyalPay was created in order to make payments between Australia and China easier and more secure. The company provides cross-border payment solutions and partners with such big Chinese names as Alipay, BestPay, and WeChat.

WeChat gives the Australian Service access time more than 500 million monthly users, as the company is known to be the official Tencent partner.

Since its opening in 2015, the online service provider has grown into a big and strong structure with its operational offices nationwide and in two Chinese cities, Shanghai and Nanjing.

The secure and reliable payment system is built on financial analysis and cloud data storage technology, the company also uses artificial intelligence to create safe and powerful mechanisms of online and offline money transfers.

Another important benefit of the company is that it cooperates with the biggest insurance companies, such as AON, Equifax, and Flexewallet, in order to protect the transactions.

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