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Romwe is an online fashion retailer, which was launched in 2010. The company specializes in selling affordable clothes and accessories and operates across the globe with its warehouses in the USA, China, Dubai, and Belgium.

Meaning and history

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The visual identity of the online fashion store is stylish and bright. The text-based logo is minimalist yet unique and instantly recognizable.

The company uses two options of color scheme — calm pink with white and monochrome. The main tender and girly combination looks bright and fresh, showing the playful character of the e-store and reflecting its assortment and essence.

When drawn in a monochrome palette, the logo looks stronger and more contemporary, accenting on fashion itself. It looks powerful and confident.

For the icon, the e-commerce platform uses the first letter “R” in white placed on a tender pink square with rounded angles. It is an eye-catching and memorable symbol with a young spirit.

What is Romwe?

Romwe is the name of an online fashion store, which was established in 2010. The store offers a wide range of trendy and affordable clothes and accessories and targets mainly the youth audience. Romwe operates all over the globe, having its main hubs in Europe, China, and the USA.


The wordmark is written in a bold custom brush typeface, which is close to Brushcrazy and Bloodstone font with their smooth sleek lines. The inscription is perfectly executed and balanced, which adds a sense of professionalism and the fundamental approach of the company to everything it does.

The thick lines of the letterforms evoke a sense of luxury and style, reflecting the purpose of the website and showing its values of quality and diversity.


The affordable clothing online retailer, based in China, is incredibly popular across the globe due to its free shipping service, a wide range of items available and super low prices. Romwe is loved by millions of young men and women worldwide, and it can be seen in their social media pages. The company has more than 4 million subscribers on Facebook and almost 2 million followers on Instagram.

Romwe Logo

The platform works closely with many fashion labels across Europe, Asia, and the USA, offering their items in the following categories: urban and casual wear, sports and activewear, accessories, beachwear, shoes, jewelry, beauty, small electronic devices, and stationery.

Providing the whole range of items, the website is a one-stop shopping destination for many customers, and they are trying to make the shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible, by implementing new payment systems and providing fast delivery and excellent customer support.

Another feature of the famous online retailer is its mobile application, available for both iOS and Android operating systems, which makes the buying even easier and more comfortable.