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Lorex Technology is a video surveillance producing and distributing company, which was established in 1983 in Canada. Today the firm distributes its products mainly through its online platform and delivers the orders across North America.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of a technology company is strong and simple. The blue and white color palette of its logo is a perfect reflection of professionalism and reliability. The strict and serious inscription represents the brand at its best.

The company’s logo is composed of a solid wordmark with a small circle inside the letter “O”, resembling a target. The previous version featured the same symbol, but it was executed in red and white and placed on the left of the black inscription.

Lorex Technology Logo1

Today the platform uses the “target” symbol as an icon, which is instantly recognizable and remarkable — step blue circles on a white background, which reflect the purpose of the video surveillance devices manufacturer.

The blue and white color combination is a common choice for the businesses in the technological segment, as it reflects innovations and research along with responsibility and transparency of the company, showing its value of the customers’ comfort and high quality of its products.

The bold neat inscription makes a perfect representative for a confident modern company. It is timeless in its minimalism and simplicity.


The wordmark in all capitals is written in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Bushwick JNL, a traditional geometric font, where each letter is solid and can be used on its own.

The previous logotype was executed in Futura TS Heavy, which is the same style, but a little more simplified. It was also a good representation of the brand, but the modified version has more uniqueness.

Lorex Technology Logo


One of the American leaders in the production and distribution of video security solutions, Lorex Technology sells its products through physical stores and its online platform, focusing on the USA and Canada.

The company-developer uses only the latest technologies for creating powerful security systems and solutions, providing its customers with the best products and services.

On the company’s website, you can see the whole range of systems and accessories, and get the full information about every device, which helps in making the right choice for your home or office needs.

The online platform also runs a special deals category, where security systems under $500 are available for purchasing.

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