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Alan Walker is a famous DJ, born in Britain in 1997. His career started in 2015 and by today Alan already earned several awards and released one album. Norwegian DJ is considered to be one of the most popular across the globe, being in the top30 of the main DJ lists.

Meaning and history

Alan Walker Logo history

Alan Walker boasts one of the most stylish and recognizable visual identity designs in the world’s music industry. His abstract logo is truly a masterpiece of contemporary art.

The popular DJ’s insignia is composed of a bold geometric emblem, which is the main and only element of the logo, no wordmark is there. This laconic and minimalist design is instantly recognizable across the globe due to its clean and sharp contours and distinct dark background palettes.

The Alan Walker emblem is composed of two stylized intertwined letters, “A” and “W”, where both symbols feature its bars in different lengths, and the letter “A” has no horizontal bar, repeating the peak of the “W”.

2013 – 2022

Alan Walker Logo 2013
The sharp and bold monogram is sometimes placed in a circular frame, executed in the same thickness as the letters, which gives a balanced and strong look to the whole logo.

The symbol reminds of the peak of the mountain, representing growth, progress, and futuristic approach. The circular frame adds a sense of wholeness and timelessness, reflecting the infinity of the music and sound.

2022 – now

Alan Walker logo

The redesign of 2022 has introduced a modernized refined version of the Alan Walker badge. It is a stylized interpretation of the previous badge, with the abstract abbreviation drawn in a shape of a yellow five-pointed star, with the sharp bars coming up, and representing the “W”, while the negative space of the composition shows the “A”.


The color palette of the deep-house DJ from Norway varies but is always close to monochrome. Sometimes it is just a white emblem on a black background, in other cases, the letters are set in white and turquoise blue, and placed on a dark gray square.

The backgrounds can be gradient blue, or solid black, as for the letters, sometimes they are executed in gradient shades too, in order to make the logo more three-dimensional.

The white, gray, black and blue color palette is a reflection of the power and professionalism of the musician, representing the strength of the music he makes and his progressiveness and energy.

Alan Walker Logo


The sharp monogram is used not only on the official logo and posters. This stylish symbol looks great when placed on the fashion garments and accessories, resembling a chevron.

When used for clothing and other garments, the symbol is executed in black and blue, which makes it look sleek and modern on almost any background and texture.