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Rockwell International is a renowned aviation company specializing in aerospace and defense. With a diverse portfolio, it is a global leader in advanced technology solutions. The company’s operations encompass various sectors, including aircraft manufacturing, avionics, space systems, and military equipment production. Known for its innovation and high-quality products, Rockwell International is a trusted name in the industry. Its headquarters are located in El Segundo, California, while its manufacturing facilities and research centers are spread across the United States and other countries worldwide.

Meaning and history

Rockwell International Logo history
Rockwell International was a prominent American aerospace and defense company known for its wide range of products and services. With a rich history spanning several decades, Rockwell International played a significant role in shaping the aviation industry. The company excelled in the design and manufacture of aircraft components, avionics systems, and defense systems. It was involved in the production of commercial and military aircraft, as well as spacecraft and missiles. Rockwell International’s commitment to innovation and technological advancements resulted in groundbreaking contributions to aviation, such as the B-1B bomber and the Space Shuttle program. The company’s expertise extended beyond aerospace, with divisions engaged in various industries including automotive, electronics, and telecommunications. Rockwell International’s legacy is marked by its dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. While the company underwent restructuring and divestitures in the late 1990s, its impact on the aviation and defense sectors remains significant, and its legacy continues through various successor companies.

What is Rockwell International?
Rockwell International was a prominent American aerospace and defense company. It was involved in the design, development, and production of various aerospace and defense systems, including aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. The company played a significant role in the Apollo space program and also manufactured military aircraft, such as the B-1B Lancer bomber. However, it ceased to exist as an independent entity after merging with Boeing’s defense division in 1996.

19?? – 1968

Rockwell International Logo old
The original Rockwell International logo was composed of a geometric emblem, set on the left from a two-leveled inscription. Both elements were set in a red and black color palette, with the stylized lowercase “R” in red enclosed into a black circular frame with the additional lettering on it, and the red sans-serif “Rockwell” lettering, accompanied by a black tagline.

1968 – 2001

Rockwell International Logo
The redesign of 1968 created a very futuristic and stylish logo for the company, setting it in the black-and-white color palette. The new emblem depicts a solid black roundel with two white cut-out lines on it, looking like a smooth road to the horizon. The name of the company was set under the emblem in bold black title case characters of a modern sans-serif typeface.