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Australian Airlines was one of the major airlines of the country, which was formed in 2001. The company operated various flights to Australian and Asian airports until it ceased all operations in 2006.

Meaning and history

Australian Airlines Logo history

1946 – 1960

Australian Airlines Logo-1946

1960 – 1969

Australian Airlines Logo-1960

1980 – 1986

Australian Airlines Logo-1980

1986 – 1993

Australian Airlines Logo-1986

2001 – 2006

Australian Airlines Logo


Australian Airlines has a unique colorful visual identity, which was a celebration of the Australian culture and lifestyle. The Australian Airlines logo is composed of a bright arty emblem with a wordmark underneath it.

The wordmark is handwritten in bold elegant lines, with elongated and curved horizontal bars of “A” and “T”, which create a sense of movement. The lettering is airy and fresh.

The Australian Airlines emblem is a contemporary stylized image of a kangaroo in black with a thick dark orange outline and numerous solid orange dots around its perimeter. The kangaroo looks like an abstract arrow, pointing right, which symbolizes the future-centric approach.

symbol Australian Airlines

There is also a tagline “Catch The Holiday Spirit” in the bottom of the logo, executed in all the lowercase sans-serif typeface.

The Australian Airlines logo is remarkable and eye-catching. It looks bright when placed on the white wing of the plane, and is instantly recognizable.