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Guitar Hero is a famous music game, which was created in 2005 by Harmonix. The game has its versions for various consoles and the players are offered to use a special controller, which resembles a real guitar.

Meaning and history

Guitar Hero Logo history

The text-based visual identity of the Guitar Hero video-game has always been pretty simple yet recognizable. Composed of a single wordmark, its logotype was rede-signed only twice during the brand’s history.

2001 – 2009

Guitar Hero Logo-2005

The original Guitar Hero logo was created in 2001 and featured bold gothic-style lettering with elongated pointed bars. The typeface of the first game’s logo was sim-ilar to Nightmare Hero.

The black, gray and white color palette of the original Guitar Hero logo was a reflec-tion of authority and stability of the company, but it was also a reference to the heavy metal and hard rock music genres.

2009 – 2015

Guitar Hero Logo-2009

The redesign of 2009 simplified the Guitar Hero logo. The lines of the wordmark were shortened and the white lettering in a black outline was replaced by a flat black inscription.

The new logo looks modern and more confident than the previous one, reflecting the company’s progress and development.

2015 – Today

Guitar Hero logo

In 2015 the Guitar Hero logo was redesigned in order to become more contemporary and classy. The typeface of the wordmark was changed, as well as its composition — now the inscription is placed on one line, not two, as it was before.

The new nameplate is executed in a custom sans-serif font, which is very similar to Tungsten SemiBold, but with some elements modified.

The black and calm yellow color palette of the current Guitar Hero logo symbolizes creativity, vitality and happy moments, which the developers of the game aim to give their users.

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