Warhammer Logo

Warhammer logo

Warhammer is a fantasy board war-game, which offers miniature tabletop playing since 1983. The game has several editions in different designs, each with a pack of mini-figures, which can be set up in ten minutes.

Meaning and history

Warhammer Logo history

The Warhammer logo was always based on a bright three-dimensional wordmark and was instantly recognizable everywhere in the world. But the redesign of 2019 brought an absolutely new visual identity to the game, making it contemporary and stylish.

The old Warhammer logo featured a bold serif inscription, where all letters were capitalized and touched each other. The glossy gold surface was complemented by a medium-thick red outline, which made the wordmark more distinct and bright.

The new logo from 2019 is something completely different. The square white frame placed on a black background has a hammer image inside and a wordmark on its bottom bar. The wordmark in all capitals has its “W” enlarged and is executed in a serif typeface, with straight simple lines.

The hammer emblem combines two most important symbols of the game — the hammer and the eagle and has the right side of the hammer stylized as if it was the eagle tail.

Warhammer logo

The monochrome palette and minimalist geometric lines of the new Warhammer logo make the brand look modern and powerful. It shows the professional approach and expertise of the developing company and looks good on any background.