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Warhammer is a fantasy board war-game, which offers miniature tabletop playing since 1983. The game has several editions in different designs, each with a pack of mini-figures, which can be set up in ten minutes.

Meaning and history

Warhammer Logo history

1987 – 1993

Warhammer Logo-1987

The original Warner logo was designed in 1987 and stayed with the game for more than five years. It was a voluminous three-dimensional logotype in white and purple, executed in the uppercase of a bold serif typeface with massive shapes of the letters. The banner with the logotype was decorated by a gradient red-to-orange “40.000” written in a stencil style along its bottom line. It was a bright and intense badge, which was well-recognized by players from all over the globe.

1993 – 1998

Warhammer Logo-1993
The redesign of 1993 refined and clean the logo of the game, switching its color palette to gold and brown and rewriting the wordmark in a massive sans-serif font with clean and straight lines of the letters. Now the gradient gold inscription was set in a dark brown background of a horizontally stretched banner in a golden frame with the sides stylized as wings. As for the “40.000” part of the badge, it was set on a golden rectangular plate, placed on the bottom line of the frame.

1998 – 2020

Warhammer Logo-1998
In 1998 the Warhammer logo gets another redesign and a new color palette. The logotype was set in a gradient light blue palette, in which the capital letters are written in a supermassive serif font with sharp and short serifs, touching the ones from the neighboring letters. The inscriptions were set on a dark gray background with a stone texture, which repeated the shape of the previous version but has no contrasting outline. The “40.000” was written in the same color and style as the logotype along the small gray banner attached to the main one from the bottom side.

2020 – Today

Warhammer logo

The logo from 2019 is something completely different. The square white frame placed on a black background has a hammer image inside and a wordmark on its bottom bar. The wordmark in all capitals has its “W” enlarged and is executed in a serif typeface, with straight simple lines.

The hammer emblem combines two most important symbols of the game — the hammer and the eagle and has the right side of the hammer stylized as if it was the eagle tail.

Warhammer logo

The monochrome palette and minimalist geometric lines of the new Warhammer logo make the brand look modern and powerful. It shows the professional approach and expertise of the developing company and looks good on any background.