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Pure is a racing video game, created by Disney in 2008. Originally developed for consoles, the game has also its version available for Microsoft Windows. Developers offer two modes: single and multiplayer and integrate a trick reward system.

Meaning and history

Pure logo

The Pure visual identity is minimalist and laconic yet looks bright and is instantly recognizable all over the world.

The Pure logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem, which is usually placed inside the nameplate or under it.

The inscription in all capital letters is executed in a strong geometric sans-serif typeface, which is slightly italicized. The letters are placed very close to each other so that their outlines touch one another.

The Pure emblem is a detailed image of a person and the racing cart. It is usually placed inside the letter “U” of the wordmark, but come time it can be located under the lettering or even as a background for the cover.

The color palette of the Pure logo is red and black, which is a powerful combination, reflecting strength, passion, and energy. The game’s logo shows its essence and evokes a sense of speed and freedom it looks modern and powerful, yet pretty simple.