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Monster High is a US fashion doll franchise introduced by Mattel, a California-based multinational toy manufacturing company, which was founded in 1945. The main items are fashion dolls around 10.5 inches tall.

Meaning and history

Monster High Logo history
The franchise was launched in the summer of 2010. The original characters were designed by Garrett Sander and his twin brother Darren, while illustrations were created by Kellee Riley and Glen Hanson.
The style of the Monster High logo reflects the overall style of the franchise, which drew inspiration in monster movies, sci-fi horror, and thriller fiction, to name just a few sources. The authors of the series, Garrett and Darren Sander, noted that when shopping, girls often chose goth fashion items. They suggested that this was something that gave the girls the feeling of freedom (if you’re a monster, you have the freedom to do things forbidden for ordinary kids).

2010 – Today

Monster High 2010
The primary logo features a skull. It looks more cute than sinister. The skull is wearing a playful pink bow. The “eyes” have elegant make-up. The line forming the border has attractive feminine curves.

2010 – 2016

Monster High 2010
In addition to the skull emblem, there was an alternative logo combining the skull with the name of the brand.
In this case, the skull can be seen in between the two words (“Monster” and “High”). The letters have multiple sharp elements inspired by the claws and teeth monsters have. Yet, in spite of these details, the glyphs still have something cute about them.
All the letters are capitalized, yet the initials are slightly higher than the other letters. The glyphs are white with a black outline and shades, which adds some dimension.

2016 – Today

Monster High logo
The skull has remained virtually the same, while the wordmark was slightly updated. The pink filling of the letters has been replaced by white.


Sometimes, the product’s package showcases a shield. The emblem has a generic shield shape topped with the primary Monster High logo.
Inside, there is the “M” and “H” monogram. The monogram can be placed over the black field or the combination of blue and pink fields. Below the glyphs, there is a banner featuring the name of the brand.


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