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Revolve is an American e-commerce platform, which specializes in fashion items for women. The company was established in 2003 in California and today has more than one thousand team members across the globe, which makes it possible to ship the orders almost to any corner of the world. The e-store offers trendy items from more than 500 designers.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the fashion retailer is strong, minimalist and contemporary. The monochrome color palette and a simple logotype — no additional details and graphics.

There are two versions of color combination — it’s whether traditional black lettering on a white background or white inscription in black, which makes the Revolve nameplate look sharper and more modern.

The black and white color combination suits the business segment of the e-commerce platform, as looks good and confident in the background of different colors and textures of the dresses and accessories the website has for sale.


The strong and bold wordmark in all capitals is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, which is close to Contax Pro 65 Med SC, but with the letter “R” open, which adds lightness to the logo and makes it unique and recognizable.

Revolve Logo


The online fashion retailer offers a wide assortment of designer clothing and accessories. You can find literally everything you may need here. The website is available in 11 languages and has an international delivery service, so every lady in the world can shop with Revolve.

The catalog of the e-commerce platform includes such sections as clothing, shoes, and accessories. There is a separate category for dresses, as they make the biggest part of every girl’s wardrobe. You can find a proper dress for any occasion and in any price range here, as the company sells not only luxury and high-end brands, but some are pretty affordable but still classy.

There is also a great beauty section, which offers everything you may need for healthy skin and hair. A wide range of make-up cosmetics from the world’s best labels is also here.

The company offers you shop by brand or by category and has a very convenient filter system, which allows a convenient and fast shopping experience.

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