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DressLily is an international online fashion retailer, which specializes in women and men’s clothing, accessories, and home textiles. The website offers international delivery service and has a wide selection of items, suitable for every occasion.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is based on the wordmark, executed in a black and white color palette, which is always a great accompaniment for a fashion-related business.

The previous version of the Dresslily logotype was written in a custom elegant script font,
which was delicate and light, evoking a sense of tenderness and femininity. The current logo has a more modern feeling and looks powerful and professional.

DressLily Logo

The black and white palette represents a strong and confident retailer, which values quality and style and aims to provide their customers with the garments, that will fully satisfy them.


The wordmark in the lowercase is executed in a traditional geometric sans-serif typeface, which is Futura Pro Medium, but with a little unique element inside. The letter “D” of the inscription has an open silhouette, with two thin white lines, accenting on the rounded part of the letter.

The minimalist logo looks elegant and strong in its simplicity and the small additional detail makes the logotype unique and fresh, showing the company’s core essence.


The global fashion retailer offers thousands of items for ladies of all ages and sizes in its catalog. The website selection includes such categories as dresses, tops, outerwear, and beachwear for women, along with men’s apparel, home textiles, shoes, bags, and accessories.

DressLily Logo1

There is one interesting thing about this e-commerce platform — it has a special selection of gothic outfits, where you can find a perfect black dress of suit and matching accessories.

The plus-size section is also full of items so that every girl in the world can find a suitable dress of any color and style she likes.

The company offers international delivery and works with the world’s most reliable service providers, such as DHL and EMS. There is also a good and safe on-site payment system, accepting both PayPal and credit cards and a 24/6 client support team, which is willing to answer all the customers’ questions and make their shopping experience easy and pleasant.

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