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Cyber-Florist is an online flower delivery service, which was established in the 2000s and today operates across the globe through its website. The online platform has a wide range of flowers to choose from along with a huge list of destinations, in the USA, Europe, and Russia.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online flower retailer is bright and memorable. The logo, based on a green and pink color palette, perfectly represents the company’s purpose and essence.

The two words of the nameplate are executed in two completely different styles and have only one small graphical element inside.

The “Cyber” part in pink is balanced by a stylized letter “O” of the “Florist”, which it resembles a flower.

The green and pink color palette of the e-commerce platform visual identity represents flowers but also symbolizes growth, love, and friendship.

The combination of two typefaces makes the logotype recognizable and unique and shows the company as a creative and artsy one, yet with a value of traditions and the customer as the center of its interests.


The logotype is set in two levels, with a pink modern “Cyber” on top and an elegant green “Florist” placed under it.

Cyber-Florist Logo

“Cyber” in all capitals is executed in a bold futuristic sans-serif typeface, which is Handel Gothic Std Regular. The lettering represents the company’s focus on online services and its progressiveness.

The enlarged “Florist” part is written in a fine serif typeface, very similar to ITC Berkeley Old Style Std Bold font, but with “F” modified and “O” replaced by a flower. The elongated curved lines of the first letter add sophistication and femininity to the company’s visual identity, evoking a kind and tender feeling.


The online flower retailer is considered to be one of the most popular flower delivery services in the world, allowing people to send bouquets to any country across the globe and make their loved ones happy.

The e-platform’s catalog includes a wide range of flowers and complimentary items, suitable for any event. You can shop bouquets by occasion, or by price, or you can create your own masterpiece, by choosing the flowers and colors you like.

Besides flowers, the online retailer offers a selection of fruits and chocolates, and can even help you create a bouquet of toys or perfume. You can also send a gift card or a huge teddy bear with the flowers, or simply choose whatever you want, as the online service provider can make all your wishes come true.

The website is available in English and Russian and has its 24/7 customer support service available whether online or by phone. The e-commerce platform always runs special deals and discounts, offering amazing possibilities at affordable prices.