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Revolut is an English company, founded in 2015 and headquartered in London. Their specialization is finances and technologies. They provide banking services, including debit and virtual cards providing, account opening, and currency exchange. They also hold the operations with cryptocurrencies, stock trading, precious metals, and others. The main market of the company is Europe, although they explore other regions, such as Japan or United States.

Meaning and history

Revolut Logo history

Revolut is the project of two businessmen, Nikolay Storonsky from Russia and Vlad Yatsenko from Ukraine. In 2015, they founded Revolut and based it in Level39, a financial technology accelerator based in London. At the start, it was rather an electronic banking platform. In 2018, the company attracted $250 million as investments, and secured its license from ECB. It allowed Revolut to launch consumer credit services, as well as accept deposits. By the next year, the company hired 3500+ new workers and advanced its business across the whole Europe. Since then, they started partnering with giants such as Visa or PayPal. By now, the company has 18 million active customers and 150 transactions monthly.

What is Revolut?
Revolut is a financial startup from London, UK, which was established in 2015. They provide a large specter of services – bank accounting, financial insurance, debit, credit, and virtual card providing, money lending, et cetera. They also conduct operations with cryptocoins and precious metals. By now, this is a large bank which offers its services to the customers across Europe, North America, and Asia. They have 18+ million of active users, making 150 million transactions a month.

2015 – 2016

Revolut Logo 2014

The initial logotype of this banking entity is the nameplate of bold handwritten letters which are all connected to one another. The characters themselves are white, but they have a bold outline, with the coloring sliding from bright blue to dark blue.

2016 – 2020

Revolut Logo 2016

Then, they renewed the contour, making it even brighter. Also, they changed the way the gradient went. In the previous logo, the darker part was at the beginning of the word, and it slightly darkened at the end of the inscription. Now, the lightened shades were at the beginning, and the darkened coloring emerged at the end of the word.

2020 – today

Revolut Logo

To mark the growing of the company and its turning into a large electronic and physical bank, Revolut made a new logo in 2020. It featured the simple yet recognizable nameplate without any bold details


Revolut Symbol

The 2020 signboard has a minimalistic sans-serif script with small gaps between the letters.


Revolut Emblem

The coloring of this logotype consists of black for the word itself and white for the background in cases if there is one. You can also find other coloring palettes varying depending on the background, situation of use, et cetera.