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Revlon is an iconic cosmetics brand, which was founded in the 1930s in the United States. Today it is known all over the globe mainly for its make-up products and ac-cessories. The brand also produces skin and nail are items along with perfume.

Meaning and history

Revlon Logo history


The visual identity of one of the world’s most famous cosmetic labels has always been very consistent — based on the brand’s name it was redesigned just twice during the company’s history, but keeping its unique style and character.

What is Revlon?
Revlon is the name of an iconic cosmetics brand, which was established in the United States in 1932. The brand is mostly known for its make-up products, which include a whole range of items — from face contouring to lipsticks and mascaras.

1935 – 1938

Revlon Logo 1935
The original Revlon badge, introduced in 1935, and used by the cosmetic manufacturer for only three years, was composed of a custom handwritten logotype in a scarlet-red color, with the contours of the letters modern and strong. All lowercase characters in the inscription were connected to each other, while the capital “R’ was placed at a slight distance from them and had its tails straight and distinct.

1953 – 1965

Revlon Logo 1953
The redesign of 1953 has created the most elegant and feminine version of the Revlon badge. It was a black arched inscription in the title case, with the full-shape letters featuring softened lines and small loops, and the capital “R” having its bar elongated and underlining the logotype up to the “O”, creating a friendly smiley line.

1965 – 1977

Revlon Logo 1965
In 1965 the Revlon logo was redesigned again, and this new version of the badge looked closer to the one we all know today. The new concept comprised an uppercase logotype in thin black letters with small emboldened serifs on the ends of the lines. All letters were well-balanced and has enough space between the line to create an airy and light feeling.

1977 – 1989

Revlon Logo 1977

The Revlon logo, introduced in 1977, featured a stylish and elegant logotype, written in all capitals. The inscription was executed in a sleek serif typeface with distinctly pointed serifs. The triangular ends in the letters were balanced by the most recognizable element of the logo — the connected “L” and “O” letters. The horizontal bar of the “L” was elongated and merged into the bottom part of the “O”.

This logo version was executed in black, which was the perfect choice for the company working in the cosmetics segment with bright colors and sparkling textures of the items and their packaging.

1989 – 2003

Revlon Logo-1989

The logo was redesigned in 1989. The changes of this time period were mainly about the color palette, but the contours of the lettering were also cleaned and refined. This made the serifs look more distinct and the whole inscription — confident and professional.

The color palette now consisted of three shades, which were used separately. The logotype could be drawn in black, as before, or in scarlet red for some of the backgrounds, but there was something completely new — a three-dimensional version of the logotype, executed in gradient gold with a very thin and delicate gray outline and shadow.

Executed in gold, the Revlon logotype looked more sophisticated and tender, is a great representative for the brand, and an absolutely awesome eye-catcher.

2003 – Today

Revlon Logo

In 2003 the brand decided to simplify the logotype by switching from serif typeface to a clean and modern sans-serif. This made the whole image lighter and edgier, showing the progress of the company and its willingness to change with the whole world and the interests of its audience.

Font and color

The current Revlon logo is available in two variations — red and black, which both are very powerful colors, representing passion, style, and professionalism.

The inscription of the brand, written in all capitals, is executed in a simple yet sleek sans-serif typeface with neat lines and straight cuts of the letter-ends. The custom font is probably based on WT Volkolak Sans Display or Acme Gothic Wide Light.