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The symbol of the Rebel Alliance, the revolutionary faction in the Star Wars universe, is known as the Starbird. It can be seen on helmets and uniforms of the rebels.

Meaning and history

logo Rebel Alliance

The Starbirdis yet another interpretation of a very ancient symbol, the Phoenix. The person who chose the symbol was Princess Leia. She said her people needed “a flag… A symbol of hope”.

Roots of the symbol

Rebel Alliance symbol

The symbol is a tribute to Galen Marek. It was borrowed from his family crest. Also, many people suppose that the emblem was borrowed from the seal of the Old Republic used at the time of the Great Galactic War.

star wars rebel alliance logo

According to some sources, the design was based on the phoenix graffiti made by a Mandalorian artist Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels (the symbol was actually designed by Chris Glenn). Interestingly enough, there has never appeared any official information concerning the connection between the two symbols.


Rebel Alliance Emblem

The rising phoenix emblem symbolized the main goal of the Alliance to Restore the Republic – to return the Galactic Republic.


Rebel Alliance Font

The logotype does not include any text, so the name of the organization may be given in any typeface fitting the visual context.


Color Rebel Alliance Logo

Red, black, yellow, grey, and white are the colors typically used for the Rebel Alliance logo.

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