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Hufflepuff is the name of one of the four faculties of the Hogwarts School of Magic. Each faculty is characterized by a set of personal qualities of students. The qualities inherent in Hufflepuff are industriousness, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, sincerity, patience, organization, fairness, openness, kind-heartedness, tolerance, reliability, compassion, good-naturedness, and generosity.

Meaning and history

Hufflepuff Logo

Like the rest of the faculties, Hufflepuff has its traditions and triumphs in the past. The founder was Helga Hufflepuff, a very benevolent wizard. She, unlike other founders of Hogwarts, was ready to teach absolutely everyone who had at least a little ability to magic. Hence, Hufflepuff is the only faculty in the canon willing to teach magic to people not for intelligence, bravery, or purity of blood, but to anyone who wants it.

The Hufflepuff students are brave and loyal, and that’s what makes them very similar to Gryffindorians. The only difference is that they think before they act, while Gryffindors tend to act impulsively.

Hufflepuff students are also very humble. This is the main reason why they are misunderstood. They have all the positive qualities that are so admired in Gryffindor’s performance, but no one notices them because they are not prone to bragging.

The Hufflepuff colors are black and yellow, and the main symbol is the badger, an animal that is often underestimated because it lives quietly as long as it is not touched. However, the badger can fight back against animals much larger than itself. It is this animal that is depicted on the Faculty’s coat of arms.

What is Hufflepuff?
Hufflepuff is one of the four faculties of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is characterized as the quietest, simple-minded, harmless, and unremarkable faculty. The main criteria for selecting students are considered to be: hard work, patience, loyalty, and honesty. Hufflepuff is proud of the fact that the least number of dark wizards have come out of its walls.

The Coat of Arms

The Hufflepuff coat of arms is executed in the color palette of the faculty, with a black accent complemented by solid gray, and the yellow introduced in several shades. The main hero of the crest, the badger, is drawn in the center of the shield with the background divided into four segments. Two of the four feature a vertically striped pattern, and the other two are drawn in plain yellow. The crest is enclosed into a rich flower ornament and accompanied by a gray knight helmet on top. The yellow ribbon with the delicate uppercase lettering underlined the composition.

Font and color

Hufflepuff Emblem

The uppercase lettering from the ribbon, placed at the bottom of the Hufflepuff crest, is set in an elegant yet modest serif typeface, which looks pretty close to such fonts as Allrounder Monument Regular, or Goudy Trajan Pro Bold, with some minor modifications.

As for the color palette of the Hufflepuff coat of arms, it is based on the official color scheme of the faculty, yellow and black, but with an addition of gray and a small red element on the helmet. This combination looks bright yet stable and pretty laconic.