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RB Leipzig is the shortened name for RasenBallsport Leipzig, a professional football club from Germany, which was established in 2009. The club is owned by Red Bull and has Red Bull Arena in Leipzig as its home stadium.

Meaning and history

RB Leipzig Logo history

The original sports club of Leipzig was founded at the end of the 19th century, and was closed in 1946, with the second birth in 1991. Although, the club had to stop operating again in 2004, and only in 2009 it was revived by the famous Austrian company RedBull.

The head of Red Bull has been investing in international football clubs for years but has always dreamt of managing a German club, so acquired the small team in 2009, with a very ambitious idea: to raise it into the Bundesliga champion. In literally no time RB Leipzig has grown into one of the top5 teams in the Bundesliga, starting as a club, and playing in the fifth-tier German football league.

What is RB Leipzig?
RB Leipzig is a professional German football club, owned by an Austrian company RedBull. The club was established in 2009, and played in the fifth division of the football league, growling by today into one of the strongest teams inthe Bundesliga.

In terms of visual identity, the RB Leipzig football club has been very loyal and consistent, using a slightly modified version of its original badge, based on the corporate identity of Red Bull company.


RB Leipzig Logo 2009

The very first RasenBallsport Leipzig logo was designed in 2009 and featured a rounded crest with a white body and a dark purple outline, overlapped by two enlarged Red Bulls, a solid yellow Sun, a white and black Football, a red sand-serif name of the company along the top border of the crest, and a stylized black “Leipzig” arched at the bottom of the badge.

2009 – 2010

RB Leipzig Logo 2009-2010

In just a few months the logo of RB Leipzig was already redesigned, with the contours of all elements cleaned up and strengthened, the color palette switched to a more classic combination of red, black, white, and yellow, and the full “Red Bull” inscription replaced by thick sans-serif “RB” capitals in the corporate RedBull typeface with geometric contours and straight cuts of the lines.

2010 – 2014

RB Leipzig Logo 2010

In 2010 the RB Leipzig logo was redesigned again, keeping the original concept and color palette, but adding some minimalistic strokes, which made the whole badge look more dynamic and energetic. Those were two red lines, drawn over the bodies of the Red Bulls diagonally, pointing down, and evoking a sense of speed and motion.

2014 – Today

RB Leipzig Logo

The redesign of 2014 has introduced the most minimalistic version of the RasenBallsport Leipzig visual identity. The large yellow Sun was removed from the center of the badge, with the black and white Football enlarged to its size, and replacing it in the middle of the composition. Not only the yellow element was removed, but also the red lettering from the top part of the crest, so now there is only dark stylized “RB Leipzig” arched along the bottom border of the logo.

Font and color

The narrowed uppercase lettering from the primary badge of the RasenBallsport Leipzig football club is set in a custom geometric sans-serif typeface with interesting shapes of the glyphs. The square contours and straight angles of the characters resemble such fonts as Pixeloza 01 Regular and Agency Gothic Condensed, but with most of the contours modified.

As for the color palette of the RB Leipzig, it is based on the corporate scheme of the Red Bull company, with red as the main shade, and dark blue and white as additional ones. Yellow, another important shade for the brand, was removed from the log of the club with the last redesign.