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Raya Airways is an airline company based in Malaysia. Established in 1993, it specializes in providing cargo services and operates a fleet of freighter aircraft. The company is owned by Raya Airways Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian logistics and transportation company. Raya Airways operates primarily in Southeast Asia, offering cargo transportation services to various destinations including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. With its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia, Raya Airways serves as a vital link in the region’s air cargo industry, facilitating the movement of goods and supporting trade and commerce.

Meaning and history

Raya Airways Logo

Raya Airways is an airline founded by Dato’ Mohamed Sabri Mohamed Rasid in Malaysia in 1993. Over the years, the company has achieved significant milestones. It operates as a cargo airline, specializing in express freight and charter services. Raya Airways has built a strong reputation for its efficient and reliable transportation solutions, catering to both domestic and international markets. The company’s fleet consists of freighter aircraft, allowing it to transport various cargo types, including perishable goods, e-commerce shipments, and dangerous goods. Raya Airways has expanded its network, serving destinations across Asia and the Middle East. As of the present, Raya Airways continues to thrive and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the air cargo industry, providing innovative logistics solutions to its customers worldwide.

What is Raya Airways?
Raya Airways is a Malaysian cargo airline that specializes in providing freight services. With its headquarters located in Selangor, Malaysia, the airline operates a fleet of cargo aircraft to transport goods and packages domestically and internationally. Raya Airways plays a vital role in facilitating logistics and supply chain management, catering to various industries’ transportation needs.

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