Air Canada Logo

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Air Canada Logo
The Air Canada logo has gone through at least seven updates.

Meaning and history

Air Canada Logo history

The original name (Trans-Canada Air Lines) was reflected in the earliest emblem. You could see it in the form of the abbreviation “TCA” placed over a red maple leaf. There was a stylized paper plane above.
The plane disappeared from the Air Canada logo leaving only the lettering “TCA” over the maple leaf. There was also a version with the lettering “Air Canada” below.
Here, the words “Air Canada” dominate the design. The type features distinctive “A’s” with rounded tops. The maple leaf is now placed inside a circle with the red border. The shade of red has grown brighter.
The leaf (which is now slightly less bright) has been placed above the lettering “Air Canada,” which is given in black.
Once again, the company name goes red. The sans serif type has been replaced by an elegant serif font. The shape of the leaf has been slightly modified – it looks softer than in the previous version.
The serifs have been removed, while the type has grown somewhat lighter. The overall style has remained virtually unchanged, though.
In addition to the all-red version, the company added a logo where the wordmark is black.