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Deep Purple is an iconic British band, which was created in 1968. The band’s musical style changed a lot during its history, and they were successful in both heavy metal and hard rock. Deep Purple sold more than a hundred million albums worldwide.

Meaning and history

Deep Purple Logo history


Deep Purple Logo 1968

1974 — 1984

Deep Purple Logo 1974

1984 — 1990s

Deep Purple Logo 1984

2013 — 2017

Deep Purple Logo 2013

2020 — Today

Deep Purple logo

Deep Purple got its name due to the favorite song of one of the musician’s grandmother. At the beginning of its history, the band was called Roundabout.

The Deep Purple logo is instantly recognizable. It features a wordmark in a unique typeface and the traditional purple color palette.

The first band’s logo appeared in 1974 and was executed in a retro-styled font with smooth rounded lines. It was changed to a more modern and fashionable font in 2013, the handwritten letters are lighter and bolder, drawn in purple color.

The current Deep Purple logo is a three-dimensional icon, composed of the letters “D” and “P”, that are intertwined, forming a unique and modern shape.

The 3D effect is maximized due to the use of silver color. It is a very strong logo, which is a true reflection of everything the band values, it shows the quality and power of music, its timelessness, and style.