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Radio Televizija Bijeljina is the name of the broadcasting company, owner of the most popular tv channel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was established in 1998. Apart from the tv channel, the company owns a radio station, a record label, and a cable tv channel. The products of the company are available in various contoured across the globe.

Meaning and history

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo history

The broadcasting company from Bosnia and Herzegovina has been very constant with its visual identity design. And despite several redesigns, held by the brand throughout the years, the shape and style of the badge have never been changed, it was all about minor changes, and the language of the lettering.

What is Radio Televizija Bijeljina?
Radio Televizija Bijeljina is a Bosnian media company, which was established at the end of the 1990s, and today owns the most popular tv channel in its country. The company consists of a tv and radio channel, along with BN Music, a cable tv channel, available worldwide.

1998 – 2007

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo 1998

The original RTB TV logo featured a rectangular banner composed of two fragments — red and blue, with their corners rounded. On the left, red, side of the badge, there was a bold white letter “B”, while on the blue one — bold capital “N”. The emblem was set on a dark background and had no additional lettering on it.

2007 – 2008

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo 2007

The redesign of 2007 cleaned the contours and made the logo of the broadcasting company more professional and modern. The concept hasn’t changed much, but the lightweight white “Televizija” in all capitals letters of a modern sans-serif typeface was now written along the bottom line of the logo, on a blue background. The letters “E” in the inscription had their vertical bars arched, which made them look like the lowercase ones.

2008 – 2012

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo 2008

The redesign of 208 was all about the language change of the lettering on the badge. Now the abbreviation was set in Cyrillic, “БН”, and the “Televizija” part was removed again. Instead of the lettering, the logo was now underlined by the clock, in simple white digits. There were two versions of the logo used during this period — with the letters thinner, and the one with the holder lines of the inscription.

2012 – 2014

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo 2012

The redesign of 2012 has brightened up the color palette of the Radio Televizija Bijeljina visual identity, making all the shades of the badge deeper and brighter. The contrast has become stronger, hence the logo started looking more professional and confident. As for the composition itself, it remained the same, with all elements keeping their contours and location.

2014 – 2016

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo 2014

The clock was removed and the “Televizija” in Cyrillic was placed back on the badge after the redesign of 2014. The logo looked exactly like the one, created in 2007, but with the lettering in another language and the shade of blue more vivid and bright. It was a solid and confident badge, looking professional and very modern, despite its traditional heraldic color palette.

2016 – 2018

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo 2016

The color palette of the Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo got a bit muted in 2016, and this is also when the Cyrillic “Televizija” was erased from the badge, keeping just the “БН” abbreviation in bold white sans-serif with some of the letters’ angles rounded, and some sharpened. As for the shape and the style of the badge itself, it was completely the same as on all the previous versions.

2018 – Today

Radio Televizija Bijeljina Logo

The redesign of 2018 placed the logo, designed in 2016, on a solid black background and complemented it by a thin white vertical line and the sans-serif “HD” lettering in medium-thickness lines with straight contours and cuts of the bars. The new version is a representation of how the company values its history and roots, without losing its ability to progress and implement the new technologies into its products.

Font and Color

The Cyrillic lettering from the primary badge of the Bosnian tv channel is set in a heavily extended sans-serif typeface with distinctive geometric contours of the uppercase characters and straight cuts of the lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Stereo Gothic 850, or Organetto Ultra Bold Semi Exp.

As for the color palette of Radio Televizija Bijeljina, it is based on the most popular tricolor, red, blue, and white, where blue and white represent Bosnia and Herzegovina, and red stands for power, passion, and development.

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