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Over its almost 40-year history, the Quiznos logo has gone through around four overhauls. There seems to be nothing in common between the original logo and the current one, apart from the emphasized “tail” on the “Q.”

Meaning and history

Quiznos Logo history

1981 – 1987

Quiznos Logo-1981

The first Quiznos location started working in Denver, Colorado, in 1981. The three most notable letters were the initial “Q,” the “Z,” and the final “S.” The “Q” had its “tail” stretched far beyond its normal size – it reached the lower end of the “S,” so the two characters formed a single glyph. The “Z” was also stretched downwards.

The logo was given in a vivid shade of light green.

1987 – 2001

Quiznos Logo-1987

While the overall style remained unchanged, there were a lot of subtle modifications. The color grew somewhat lighter, the weight of the letters also became lighter. While the “Q,” “Z,” and “S” still looked unusual and had extended ends, their shape was different.

1991 – 1998

Quiznos Logo-1991

The name “Quizno’s” was colored dark green. You could see a couple of very subtle alterations in the shape of the letters. Below, the lettering “Classic Subs” in red was added.

1994 – 1998

Quiznos Logo-1994

A roundel logo was adopted. The roundel was in fact a large red “Q.” The name “Quizno’s” was written in white across a dark green banner placed in the middle of the “Q.” The red ring of the letter, in its turn, housed the text “Oven Baked” and “Classic Subs.”

1998 – 2002

Quiznos Logo-1998

This time, the logo was based on a square with rounded corners and a rounded “roof.” The shape was divided into two asymmetric fields. The top field (dark green) housed the word “Quizno’s,” while the second field (red) housed the word “Subs.” There was also an icon featuring a stylized sub and the lettering “Oven Baked Classics.”

2002 – 2006

Quiznos Logo-2002

This Quiznos logo looks very much like the current one. There is a large “Q” in red and warm green paired with the lettering “Quiznos Sub.”

2006 – 2021

Quiznos Logo 2006

The word “Sub” disappeared, while the colors were slightly modified.

2021 – Today

Quiznos logo

Font and color

The Quiznos logotype, placed under the emblem on the badge, is executed in a stylish and modern serif font with rounded elements balanced by geometric and sharp serifs. The progressive typeface was created exclusively for the brand, though it is pretty close to such fonts as FS Lola Extra Bold and Kobenhavn C Black with some lines modernized.

As for the color palette of the logo, Quiznos uses a pretty strict and modest combination of green and red, which works great together of reflecting the character and individuality of the brands representing its progressiveness, passion, and success.