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Quadpay is the name of an American payment system, which allows splitting the payment for online purchases into several installments. The “Buy Now Pay Later” service was established in New York in 2017, and today is used by many online stores across the globe.

Meaning and history

Quadpay Logo history

Quadpay is one of the most reliable and reputable BNPL services in the United States. The platform was established in 2017, and by today it is used by millions of buyers and e-commerce companies across the country.

The service offers to split the purchase into four installments, so the guys have only to pay 25% of the price to get the item. The most important thing about the BNPL system is that it is absolutely interest-free.

What is Quadpay?
Quadpay is the American Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service, which was created in New York in 2017, and acquired by the Australian Zip Group in 2020. The platform allows online buyers to split the purchase into four installments, with no interest.

In terms of visual identity, the company is pretty strict and minimalist, though the badge still looks powerful and very modern, due to the use of thick lines and interesting shapes.

2017 – 2020

Quadpay Logo 2017

The original Quadpay logo, introduced in 2017, was composed of just one wordmark with the first letter, “Q”, stylized. The logotype was set in black, using laconic yet bold sans-serif typeface with massive letters featuring clean contours. As for the “Q”, it was drawn in an electric shade of blue, and boasted a smooth rounded shape, resembling a curved ribbon. The logo looked cool and progressive, with the strict color palette evoking a sense of professionalism and confidence.

2020 – Today

Quadpay Logo

The redesign of 2020 was held after the acquisition of the service by the Australian Zip company. The main change was in replacing all-caps of the logotype with lowercase lettering. Although the typeface remained the same — bold clean sans-serif with full-shaped letters, the whole mood of the logo became completely different. The wordmark started looking more friendly and cool, not losing the sense of professionalism and reliability.

As for the main element of the logo, the letter “Q”, it remained the same, but its color changed to a calmer shade of blue. And sometimes the logo is set in monochrome, with all letters in black, placed on a white background.

The secondary version of the Quadpay badge has an additional line of lettering under the main part. It contains the Zip contoured emblem and logotype in thin black sans-serif letters.

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