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Quality Food is an online food retailer from the UAE, which offers a wide selection of fresh products, available with nationwide delivery. The online grocery offers high-quality foods, including fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood and a wide variety of frozen items.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Arab food delivery service is elegant and stylish. Its delicate logotype is accompanied by a light green emblem, which represents the company’s profile and its core.

The emblem of the online service is composed of two stylized letters “G” and “F”, which form kind of a green leaf, resembling fresh fruits and vegetables. The letter “F” is placed inside the circle of the “Q” and its tail replaced the tail of “Q”.

The light green and black color palette of the logo is changed to light green and white on the icon, where the company’s symbol is colored white and placed on a green square with rounded angles.

The color scheme symbolizes growth and success, and it also represents the freshness of foods, the service provides its customers with.

Quality Food Logo

The smooth sleek lines of the logo make it modern and luxurious. It represents the reputable company, which values the quality of products and well-being of its customers above all.


The wordmark of the online food service is executed in a custom soft rounded sans-serif typeface, which is based on Noyh R Regular, but with the letter “Q” modified and all the other letters narrowed.

The elegant elongated tail of the “G” adds sophistication and playfulness to the logo, making it remarkable and instantly recognizable to all customers of the region.


The company from the United Arab Emirates is specialized in the delivery of a wide variety of products, starting with freshly-baked bread and finishing with meat and seafood. The catalog of the online platform also includes such categories as Organic foods and Fresh Juices, which are getting more and more popular across the globe.

The e-commerce platform has a selection of certified high-quality food products from the local manufacturers and the world’s best-known brands. The company has a delivery schedule available on the website and offers free shipping on all the orders over 150 AED.

Quality Foodservice has a perfect reputation in the region and serves thousands of clients, doing their best to bring the finest products into their homes.