QIWI is the leading provider of payment and financial services in Russia and former USSR countries. The company is the owner of an integrated payment network which allows its customers to effect payments through mobile, online and offline channels. Founded in 2007, QIWI has nowadays more than 149 000 terminals and payment points and unites about 20 million electronic wallets. In 2017, the company got an income of more than 4000 billion roubles and its year turnover reached 911 billion roubles.

Meaning and history

QIWI logo

The logotype of QIWI was elaborated in 2007 when the company was established. It had a very distinctive feature which made is easily recognizable among numerous Internet payment facilities. Its main emblem became a specially designed capital Q letter. The trick was that the letter’s bowl was bisected by its tail which was designed as a funny head of a kiwi bird. The big Q was made in a conspicuous gold yellow colour. To the right of the emblem was the name “QIWI” in cobalt blue. The wordmark was written in a stylish font most resembling the commercial Frutiger Pro 95 Ultra Black. Under the Latin inscription was a duplicating one in Russian script. It used the same colour and font but was twice as small as the Latin wordmark.

Emblem QIWI

Since the year of its introduction, the logo had no fundamental changes; the few concerned only the location of the big Q and accompanying inscriptions. The last version appeared in February 2018. This time both the big Q and the Latin wordmark are in golden yellow with a smaller black word “wallet” in Russian script under it.

Today QIWI logo can be seen on numerous payment terminals in trade centres. For the customers, the logo means an opportunity to make their payments in a safe, convenient and timely manner.