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Beechcraft is an aviation company, which was established in 1932 in the United States. Specializes in the production of military aircraft, the company was acquired by Textron Aviation in 2014. Today there are four main aircraft models produced under the Beechcraft label.

Meaning and history

Beechcraft logo

The visual identity of the aviation company is very delicate and even feminine. Its retro-style logotype is something you could never expect from a military aircraft producer, and this is what makes the Beechcraft unique.

The main hero of the Beechcraft visual identity is the typeface. Based on a classic serif font, which is very similar to Riccione Serial with its smooth lines, soft contours yet distinct and sharp serifs, the custom brand’s font has its letters “B” and “A” modified.

The wordmark is written in a title case, so the first “B” is the only capital letter of the logotype. It has its upper part enlarged a curved on its left, while the small bottom part has its tail curved on the right, from the inside.

As for the letter “A”, it has the same playful curved tail, but on its rounded part, and also from the inside.

The red color of the Beechcraft logo is a representation of passion and power, which looks strong and beautiful on any background. Though the company prefers combining its red logo with white, for better visibility, and a sense of loyalty and trustworthiness.

The Beechcraft logo is timeless and elegant. It is one of those insignias, which do not have age and can always be actual, despite the trends and tendencies.