LATAM Airlines Group is a prominent South American airline known for its extensive network and reliable services. LATAM Airlines Group was a joint venture between two major airlines, Chile-based LAN Airlines and Brazil-based TAM Airlines. The company operated flights to over 140 destinations in 26 countries, covering domestic, regional, and international routes. With a fleet of modern aircraft, LATAM served passengers across the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Africa, offering a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Meaning and history

LATAM Logo history
LATAM Airlines Group is one of the largest airline groups in Latin America, formed by the merger of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines. With a comprehensive network of destinations, it serves both domestic and international flights across the region and beyond. The airline is known for its modern fleet, including Airbus and Boeing aircraft, offering passengers a comfortable and reliable travel experience. LATAM focuses on providing excellent customer service and has a strong commitment to safety. It offers various amenities and services to enhance the passenger experience, such as in-flight entertainment, onboard dining, and loyalty programs. With its extensive route network and strategic partnerships, LATAM connects travelers to key destinations in Latin America, serving as a vital link for both business and leisure travel in the region. The airline continues to expand and innovate, aiming to meet the evolving needs of its passengers and maintain its position as a leading airline group in Latin America.

What is LATAM?
LATAM Airlines Group was a South American airline holding company that operated as the parent company for various airlines in the region. It was the largest airline group in Latin America, offering both domestic and international flights to destinations across the globe. However, as of 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the group filed for bankruptcy protection and underwent a restructuring process.

2012 – 2016

LATAM Logo 2012
The logo of LATAM Airlines, designed in 2012, was composed of two wordmarks in different styles, separated by a light-gray five-pointed star with a red ribbon. The left part of the lettering comprised a geometric dark-blue “LAN”, while the right one — a bold red “TAM” with a blue stylized bird overlapping the characters.

2016 – now

The redesign of 2016 has introduced a stylish modern badge, executed in a red and blue color palette, with an abstract geometric emblem followed by bold blue lettering in the uppercase. The clean straight lines of the emblem are balanced by slightly softened bars of the characters.