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Punjab Police is a local police forces agency, founded in 1861 and based in Punjab State, India. It is a large governmental department, composed of several divisions, where more than 80 thousand employees work on crime prevention and detection, and maintenance of law and order.

Meaning and history

Punjab Police, also known as simply PP, is a large civilian police department, which was established in Punjab in the middle of the 19th century, and for quite a long time specialized in the protection of Indian-Pakistani and Indian-Chinese borders.

Today Punjab Police has several departments, which are oriented in different spheres of social protection. There are such divisions as the Punjab Highway Patrol, Crime Investigation Agency, Punjab Bureau of Investigation, SWAT, and armed battalions.

What is Punjab Police?
Punjab Police is the local city police department of the Punjab State in India. The agency was formed in 1861, and today has 80 thousand employees and more than three thousand vehicles. Punjab Police is headquartered in Chandigarh.

In terms of visual identity, Punjab Police is a very conservative agency, with its logo designed in 1861, the year of the department’s establishment. It is a very traditional emblem, which shows the importance of the organization and its affiliation with the government.

1861 – Today

Punjab Police Logo

The bright and powerful Punjab Police badge, created for the agency at the beginning of the 1860s, features a shape of a classic crest with a pointed peak at the bottom, significantly arched sides, and a top part with five peaks. The crest is horizontally divided into red and blue parts and enclosed into a thick golden frame.

The bottom part of the crest is decorated by a white ribbon with golden lettering, which underlined the ornate golden wreath with a fancy curved PP abbreviation inside. The heraldic image with three lions is placed on the top part of the logo, against a red background.

Font and color

Punjab Police Emblem

The official badge of the Punjab Police forces features lettering in Hindi, executed in medium-weight lines with rounded contours of the characters, which create smooth and elegant ornaments. As for the “PP” monogram, it is written in a bold handwritten cursive font with elongated curved lines.

As for the color palette of the Punjab Police visual identity, it is based on deep and darkened shades of red, blue, and gold, the colors of royalty and power, of confidence and determination, with a white ribbon, signifying loyalty and reliability of the agency.

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