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Fnatic is the name of a British e-sport league, which was established in 2004. The organization has teams, formed by players from all over the globe, in almost all the most popular online games, created to play in groups, possible.

Meaning and history

Fnatic Logo history

Fnatic, a globally recognized esports organization, was founded in 2004 by Sam Mathews and Anne Mathews. Based in London, Fnatic has become a major force in the world of competitive gaming, known for its teams competing in various top-tier esports titles.

Over the years, Fnatic has achieved remarkable success in the esports arena. The organization’s League of Legends team won the first-ever League of Legends World Championship in 2011, setting a high standard in the esports community. Fnatic has also been a dominant force in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), winning numerous major tournaments, including the ESL One: Katowice 2015. The organization’s presence extends to other games like Dota 2 and Rainbow Six Siege, where it has also made significant impacts.

Currently, Fnatic stands as one of the most successful and well-known esports organizations globally. It continues to compete at the highest levels across multiple games, while also expanding its brand through merchandise and partnerships. Fnatic’s influence extends beyond competitive success, contributing to the broader acceptance and growth of esports as a legitimate and popular form of entertainment. The organization remains a key player in shaping the future of competitive gaming and its culture.

What is Fnatic?
Fnatic is a prominent esports organization based in London, known for its competitive teams in games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike.  Fnatic symbolizes the rise of esports in mainstream entertainment.

Before 2020

Fnatic Logo-old
The pre-2020 Fnatic logo is different in several small things. The forms are more complex and round. There’s still a dot above, the central bar is longer, and there’s a little extension on the left sign. Notably, it’s also paler than the successor.

2020 – Today

Fnatic logo

The iconic Fnatic logo is an exquisite modern monogram, which looks like a myste-rious samurai symbol.

The emblem is composed of two mirrored symmetrical parts, resembling a letter “J”, with the vertically located rectangle with its lower right angle diagonally cut, placed between them.

The logo is built with an idea, that every letter of the group’s name, Fnatic, can be composed of these three figures. It is a very interesting puzzle, which forms a truly unique visual identity.

The bright orange color of the Fnatic logo is a symbol of energy and communication. The organization is all about the team — a team of people, who share the same in-terests and work together with the only target — to win.

Orange is known to be one of the warmest and most positive colors, and in combi-nation with sharp lines of the emblem, it evokes a sense of power and progress, re-flecting freedom and courage of the group’s members.