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Habitat For Humanity is the name of an international non-profit organization, which operates across the globe since 1976, building affordable houses for people in need. Established by Fuller family, Habitat has already managed to help almost 30 million people throughout the USA and 70 other countries of the world.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the non-profit organization hasn’t been changed since the date of its creation, in 1976. And today it still looks actual and meaningful, as uses a simple and calm color palette and symbols, which perfectly reflect its purpose and character.

The Habitat for Humanity logo is composed of a very recognizable emblem and a wordmark, placed on its rights the wordmark is set in two levels, with “Habitat” enlarged and placed above “for Humanity” in smaller letters.

Habitat For Humanity Logo

The emblem of the organization depicts three stylized silhouettes with their hands spread up, and the triangular green roof above their heads. Though the drawing is pretty abstract, people on it seem happy and full of life, and this is what Habitat for Humanity does — helping people across the globe to get their home and protection.

The blue and green color palette of the foundation’s logo symbolizes life, security, and reliability, along with trustworthiness and growth. It’s like graphical representation of the words “Let’s grow together, and move into the safe and bright future!”.

As for the wordmark, it is executed in the same shade of blue, like the figures of the emblem, and uses a simple yet bold and confident narrowed sans-serif typeface with clean distinct lines.

The Habitat for Humanity logo is a celebration of friendliness, togetherness, and safety, it evokes the kindest feelings and makes everyone feel the love the organization spreads across the globe.

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