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PrestaShop is an online e-commerce platform, software for physical and electronic goods selling, written in PHP programming language. It was established in 2007 by Bruno Lévêque and headquartered in Paris. PrestaShop is available in 60+ languages. It’s partnering with nearly 300,000 merchants. There are also 300+ instruments for product filtering, payments, delivery, producers, and distributors, which is helpful for both the customers and sellers.

Meaning and history

The software was written in 2007 by Bruno Lévêque, a student from Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation. It was a student project, firstly named phpOpenStore and made in collaboration with Igor Schlumberger.  It was initially available in two languages: English and French, and there were less than 20 employees in the first 5 years of operation.

By 2012, PrestaShop grew into large e-commerce software with over a hundred workers as well as headquarters in 6 countries. In 2014, PS Company attracted over $9.3M in investments, which allowed it to release a Cloud version of the software in 2015 and turn from the original custom framework to Symfony.

Since 2018, PrestaShop, led by the CEO Alexandre Eruimy, has been accepting partnerships with transnational corporations – PayPal, Google, Facebook/Meta, TikTok, et cetera. Now it’s a large commercial entity, used by at least 0.31% of all e-commerce aggregators in the world.

What is PrestaShop?
PrestaShop is software dedicated for electronic commerce. It was developed by Bruno Lévêque and Igor Schlumberger in 2007 on PHP programming language. There are 300,000 shops and individual merchants partnering with PrestaShop. It is available in 60+ languages, and has points of presence across the world. PS collaborates with many transnational giants such as Google or PayPall, which allows it to offer more hundreds of tools for products filtering, payment, delivery management, et cetera.

2007 – today

PrestaShop Logo

The logotype of the PrestaShop brand depicts a head of a puffin, wearing an apron. The head is located in a circle. Below this emblem, we can see the brand’s name.


PrestaShop Symbol

The font has a simple yet distinguished appearance. This means semibold sans-serif symbols without custom elements, but with styled letters. The ‘e’ character has a straight diagonal bar. All other letters have typical minimalistic style.


PrestaShop Emblem

The coloring of the logotype is divided into two zones: the emblem and the name.

The puffin is drawn in black, gray, white, red, and yellow shades, whereas the beak is red, black & yellow, the upper part of the head is dark gray, the eyes are black with white light in them, while the surrounding area is gray. The lower part of the head is white. The whole image is drawn in the blue circle.

The name consists of dark blue ‘Presta’ part, and pink ‘Shop’ portion.