Logo Logo PNG is an e-commerce platform, established in 2017 and specialized in the distribution of mobile phones and small devices. The company offers a two-year warranty on all their products and shipping throughout Europe, with the help of its partners — UPS and Correos.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online phone retailer is traditional and fully reflects the company’s profile and nature. The logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem, looks simple yet strong and professional.

The blue and red color palette of the e-commerce platform’s visual identity is a reflection of the trustworthiness and authority of a powerful and confident company, which values the quality of products and services. Logo1

The wordmark is set in two levels, where the upper one is colored blue and the lower one — red. On the right from the inscription, there is an emblem, featuring red, white and blue color palette.

The emblem depicts a white shopping cart with an enlarged smartphone in it. The phone is executed in white and blue and the whole image is placed on a solid red circle.

The simple and slightly naive icon of the company evokes a sense of reliability and expertise, showing exactly what the online retailer sells and reflecting the professionalism and fundamental approach of the business.

It is a timeless logo, which is fully based on classic elements of the modern visual identity design. No imbalance or overloading, just clean shapes.

Font Logo

The wordmark of the corporate logo is also very traditional. Written in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Proxima Nova ExtraBold Italic, it looks modest yet strong and evokes a sense of authority and loyalty.

The clean neat lines reflect the responsibility of the retailer, while the inclination of the accent of the letter on progress and dynamics, showing that the company is moving forward and constantly developing.


The company is a well-known European provider of mobile phones of international brands, which became popular due to the affordable prices on all the items they offer for sale online.

The e-commerce platform’s catalog includes cell phones and smartphones, portable game consoles, notebooks, and tablets accessories, along with spare parts. Another interesting section of the website offers smart gadgets, such as drones and cameras, watches and bracelets and smart home systems.

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