MATLAB is a programming language and a numerical environment for algorithms and interfaces, which was created in the 1970s by MathWorks company.

Meaning and history

The MATLAB logo is a three-dimensional figure of a membrane. It is a very meaningful and complicated emblem, which is based on the wave equation, which is one of the basic models of mathematical physics.

The brand uses a mathematical algorithm in order to create their L-shapes a membrane, which first appeared in the earliest years after the company’s foundation and became its official symbol a few years after.


The MATLAB logo contains no wordmark or framing, it is just a pure form, which is colored orange with the addition of a metallic gradient.

The orange color is commonly known as a symbol of creativity and energy. It also shows the passion of the company in what it does. Its scientific approach, which is even more artsy and creative than any humanity or design segment.

The MATLAB logo is unique and built on science and formulas, it shows the brand’s authority and expertise, their wide research, and experience.

What is MATLAB?
MATLAB is a programming language, which was designed in the middle of the 1980s for numeric computing. The name of the language is a derivative from “Matrix Laboratory”.

Font and color

The uppercase MATLAB logotype with the first “M” slightly larger than other letters, is set in a very traditional and elegant serif typeface with medium-weight bars. The closest font to the one used in the lettering of the programming language’s logo is, probably, Belfast Serial, while there is also a resemblance to Arrus BT Std Medium.

As for the color palette of the MATLAB visual identity, it uses glossy turquoise and orange gradients for its emblem, which are balanced by the plain black of the lettering. The bright color of the graphical element represents wisdom and knowledge, while the black is here to reflect a professional approach and expertise.