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Orlando City is the name of the soccer club from the United States which was es-tablished in 2013 in Florida. The club from the Eastern Division of the Major League Soccer is owned by Flavio Augusto da Silva and has Oscar Pareja as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Orlando City Logo history

Before becoming a strong MLS team, Orlando City FC played one Austin, Texas, under the name Austin Aztex, until 2010. Then the club moved to Orlando and played in the USL league for three years, and finally, in 2014 they became an MLS team. All these milestones are reflected in the club’s visual identity designs.

2010 — 2012

Orlando City 2010

The first logo for the Orlando City club was introduced in 2010. It was a purple crest with a red outline and an image of three lions’ heads, drawn with their mouths open. The lions had a slight resemblance with Aztec paintings, making the badge a tribute to the club’s roots.

The “Orlando City” wordmark in white was placed inside the crest from above and under the lions’ image. It was executed in a sharp and sleek serif typeface with bold lines and delicately pointed serifs, which balanced the sharp teeth of the animal mascot.

The main color palette of the logo, purple and red, was a representation of power and courage, white the white and golden-beige details added a sense of loyalty and reliability of the club.

2012 — 2014

Orlando City 2012

One small element was added to the club’s logo in 2012 — it was a delicate golden five-pointed Star, placed on the bottom of the crest, under the “City” lettering. Nothing else was changed, just the contours started looking cleaner and bolder.

2014 — Today

Orlando City logo

Orlando City FC joins Major League Soccer in 2014 and reveals a new logo, which we all know today. The new crest is executed in deep purple with a double purple and white outline and a yellow emblem in the middle. The emblem features an image of the lion’s head, with its mane drawn like an Aztec sun. It looks powerful and chic, evoking a sense of strength and determination.

The “Orlando City” wordmark is written in white under the emblem and uses a modern sans-serif typeface with thin distinct lines and stencils. The letters of the inscription boast sharp angles, which resemble the predator’s teeth and claws.

The new purple, yellow, and white color palette of the Orlando City FC reflects con-fidence, energy, and professionalism. Looking modern it evokes a sense of respon-sibility and trustworthiness.

Orlando City Colors

HEX COLOR: #61259E;
RGB: (97,37,158)
CMYK: (77,97,0,0)

RGB: (255,226,147)
CMYK: (1,10,50,0)