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Police is an Italian fashion brand, famous for design and production of sunglasses, which was founded in 1983. In the late 1990s the brand started producing perfume, and in the 2000s in launched a fashion apparel line. The brand sells its product in more than 80 countries worldwide and is mostly focused on Asian market.

Meaning and history

The brand was founded by two brothers De Rigo, who gave their name to the De Rigo group of companies, which owns the Police brand today.

The Police logo is strict and simple, which reflects the brand’s name. No hidden meanings, no extra details, everything is straight and clear.

Logo Police

The brand’s logo consists of a wordmark enclosed in a square. The classic typeface of the nameplate has bold and clean lines, which looks good on the all-caps lettering.

The black and white color palette adds timelessness and confidence to the brand. It makes the logo look elegant and powerful.

Police logo

The Police logo is minimalist and stylish, it looks modern due to the simplicity of its forms and colors, but the thickness of the lines and the good balance between the letters make the logo look sleek and luxurious.

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