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Plein Sport, a dynamic brand in the realm of athletic fashion, was established by the visionary entrepreneur Philipp Plein. This company, under Plein’s creative direction, specializes in high-end sportswear that merges luxury with functionality. With its headquarters in Switzerland, Plein Sport has expanded its influence across the globe, establishing a robust presence in major fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris, and New York. Its retail footprint extends across continents, serving a diverse, upscale clientele with an appetite for fashion-forward athletic apparel.

Meaning and history

Philipp Plein, the trailblazing designer known for his extravagant and edgy designs, founded Plein Sport as an offshoot of the Philipp Plein empire in 2016. This venture marked a significant diversification, focusing exclusively on luxury sportswear. Plein Sport quickly carved out a niche for itself with its distinctive style that blended the glamour of high fashion with the practicality of athletic wear.

Over the years, Plein Sport achieved remarkable milestones. It gained renown for its innovative designs, incorporating high-tech materials and bold aesthetics that resonated with a modern, style-conscious audience. The brand’s fashion shows, often characterized by flamboyant and theatrical presentations, further cemented its status in the luxury sportswear domain. Plein Sport’s collaboration with renowned athletes and celebrities amplified its appeal and visibility in the global market.

Today, Plein Sport stands as a testament to Philipp Plein’s creative genius and business acumen. The brand continues to thrive, consistently introducing fresh and avant-garde designs that appeal to a global audience. Its current position is not just as a purveyor of luxury sportswear but as a cultural icon that blends the worlds of fashion, sport, and luxury lifestyle.

What is Plein Sport?
Plein Sport is a high-end athletic fashion brand, known for its luxury sportswear that combines functionality with avant-garde style. Under Philipp Plein’s direction, it redefines athletic elegance, catering to a global clientele who seek both performance and fashion in their sportswear.

The Logo

Plein Sport Logo

Similar to one of its larger competitors, the Puma logo, the Plein Sport emblem features a creature from the Feline family. In the case of the Plein Sport logo, though, the animal looks absolutely different – there is a more aggressive vibe.

The wordmark features the words “Plein” (in a light white type) and “Sport” (in a bold red type). The scratches behind “Sport” seem to have been left by a tiger’s claws.
The tiger’s head can be seen on the emblem. Below, there are two more scratches.