Pizza Hut Logo

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Pizza Hut Logo
Having changed more five logos, in 2014 Pizza Hut eventually came to the emblem that is now used in the restaurants of the chain all over the world.

Meaning and history

Pizza Hut Logo history

We may start the history of the Pizza Hut logo from the simple red wordmark introduced in 1955. As soon as the restaurant chain started operation, it unveiled an emblem with the mascot Pete in a yellow hat and apron.
The history of the “hut” design goes back to 1967. Originally, the red roof looked simpler than now. It was accompanied by a wordmark in a sans-serif type.

The 1999 symbol

symbol Pizza Hut
Instead of the sans-serif type, the new wordmark featured a more intricate script font. Also, the “roof” was made asymmetrical. In addition to this, the Pizza Hut logo included a yellow line underneath the insignia. Among the most noticeable changes was also the green dot above the letter “i”. In the standard version, the red roof appeared above the wordmark, but it could also be placed on the right side. Typically, the wordmark was given against the white background, but it could also include black background.
In 2008, many restaurants in South America, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, adopted another version of the emblem. Here, the logo included two fields colored in two different shades of brown. The roof design was placed within the above field, while the wordmark was placed below. We may also mention the prototype logo used in 2010 in Peoria and Peoria Heights in Illinois.

The 2014 emblem

emblem Pizza Hut
Starting from the beginning of 2014, the company began changing its menus and overall looks of the restaurants in every corner of the world. Of course, their logo was also tweaked. Although the recognizable “hut” image was not removed from the emblem, the new logo looks completely new.
pizza hut logo 2014
Now, the roof illustration and the familiar script wordmark are given in white. They are placed inside a circle shape, which can be interpreted either as a pizza or a smear of tomato sauce. All in all, the logo has a more minimalistic look than its predecessors, yet preserves its identity.


Font of the Pizza Hut Logo
The script wordmark utilizes a unique custom typeface. As the current version of the logo was introduced as a part of the Flavor of Now campaign, we may also discuss the typeface used for the Flavor of Now slogan. It is an industrial-looking font family: simple, sans-serif, all-cap type.


Color Pizza Hut Logo
Throughout most of its history, the Pizza Hut logo featured red, black, and yellow. From time to time, green was also included in the restaurant chain’s color palette.